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Bits and Bitting Information

Bits and Bitting Information


Lorelei and Mike Carter came to educate the Bits and Bitting Clinic participants about bits and how to fit them correctly. Sample bits

The clinic presentation on Friday evening offered information about how to measure the proper bit length and bit thickness, as well as how important it is to get it right. We learned that the thickness of the bit is extremely important. Too thick bit can be extremely painful as it will press against the area inside of the horse's mouth where there is only a thin layer of gums on top of bone. If the bit is too thin, it can move too much and can possibly hit against the sensitive gums.

We also got a short education about the different metals that are used for bits and why they have been used and what research has gone into figuring all of this out.

On Saturday, Lorelei and Mike helped three participants by measuring the their horses' mouth widths and heights. They let them try bits to see how the horse reacted to the new bit. They advised that it is always best to observe the horse from the ground first when trying a new bit for safety reasons. All the participants learned new information and went home with a fabulous product samples from Lorelei and Mike.

Mike Carter with sample bits

Lorelei Carter

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