Bulletin Board

The UDS Bulletin Board links to Utah trainer, barn and dressage business directories, and a link to our classified ads pages.


Trainers! If you are a Utah Dressage Society member, you can submit your information to be added to the UDS Trainer Directory.

This service is provided by the Utah Dressage Society to help those new to dressage find dressage instructors and trainers in Utah and surrounding areas.


The UDS Barn Directory is a collection of local and regional stables that have asked to have their information included here.  You must be a UDS member to make this request.


The UDS Business Directory is a collection of the local businesses that advertise in the UDS Omnibus and support dressage in Utah.


Looking to sell that used saddle or any other tack that you are not using anymore?
Take advantage of the UDS classifieds to list all that stuff for sale.

Remember that members get one free classified ad per year. Don’t forget to use yours!