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Utah Dressage Society


Immerse yourself in the elegance of dressage as we invite you to join the Utah Dressage Society. Our mission goes beyond the arena; we're here to educate, inspire, and encourage dressage riders throughout the beautiful state of Utah.

Utah Dressage Society

Welcome to the Utah Dressage Society!

Discover the joy of dressage with the Utah Dressage Society. Founded in 1969, we're a passionate community of riders dedicated to educating, inspiring, and encouraging equestrians across Utah. From our humble beginnings to hosting prestigious events, UDS is the hub for those seeking the artistry of dressage. Join us and let the journey of elegance and excellence begin.

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and encourage dressage riders around the state of Utah, and to promote the sport of dressage in our community.

Our Sponsors

JAAW Equine
Rocky Mountain Equine
Bella Stables

Upcoming Events

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