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2022 Extended Membership

The following information is being shared as a result of a Board vote Wednesday night regarding extending the UDS Membership period for 2022. This impacts Year End Awards and Perpetual Trophy winners. Please read and take action if you so desire.

Please contact any Board member if you have any questions.

~ Approved unanimously by Board on 10/12/2022

The “last chance” deadline for 2022 membership will be October 17, 2022 by 5:00 pm MDT and must be completed and paid online through the UDS website.


Membership rule states that to qualify for UDS Year End awards (to include Perpetual Trophies), a rider must have been a member at the time the award was earned. In addition, if a rider is not the horse owner, the owner of the horse must be a UDS member as well.


Per the UDS Policies & Procedures, the membership year runs from December 1st to November 30th. This mirrors the USDF Membership Year.

It seems that in the past, there has been some leniency and exceptions given by previous Boards regarding this rule. Whether in error, or by verbal exception, awards have been given to riders who did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Prior to the COVID Pandemic, the Annual Banquet, where Year End Awards were given, was held in November and most members renewed their memberships then. Then the Banquets were canceled, the show season was canceled, causing members to enroll or renew at all different times during the year. It seems necessary to reset the membership year and requirements.


Preliminary Year End results indicate there are several individuals who have the highest score, but were not members at the time the score was earned; or, they did not have the required volunteer hours.

Another requirement of eligibility for Year End Awards is volunteer hours. The deadline to complete and submit approved hours for 2022 Year End is November 15, 2022.

Based on past practice of anecdotal granting of exceptions to rules, the change in the membership calendar, and the pandemic disruptions, it is being proposed that for 2022 Year End Awards, individuals are given an additional and final opportunity to join or renew their 2022 membership.


It is felt that this “last chance” period is a fair and more inclusive decision for the UDS organization for 2022. In the future, the Membership Rules will be re-stated and all memberships will run from December 1 through November 30, regardless of when paid or approved. In addition to any other terms of eligibility, membership status (for rider as well as horse owner) will need to be current at the time of receiving a score in order for them to count toward any awards to be given.

The “last chance” deadline for 2022 membership will be October 17, 2022 by 5:00 pm MDT and must be completed and paid online through the UDS website.

If you need to mail a check it must be post marked by the deadline. Find the form here.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 57023, Salt Lake City, UT 84157

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