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Competitions Director Needed

The UDS is in search of an interim Competitions Director.  If you enjoy planning events, this job may be for you!  A full job description is located in our Rules (page 16).  If interested, please contact Stacey Hornsby.

Guidelines for the Director of Competitions of UDS

  1. Organize and oversee Omnibus production.

  2. Organize the Annual Show, including, at a minimum, the following tasks: obtain all show recognitions; contact show officials and send contracts; order ribbons and tests; make sure all showing requirements of USEF and USDF are met.

  3. Organize the Short Tour Series, including at a minimum: that all show managers know the Rules for prizes, judges, payment of non-UDS fee, reporting of class placement, rental of UDS trailer, etc.

  4. Assure that the UDS trailer is properly stocked for shows, properly licensed and insured, and physically maintained.

  5. Organize such committees or assign chairpersons to organize such committees as are necessary to accomplish and assist him or her in carrying out his or her duties.

  6. Accepts and resolves disputes for competition scores

  7. Responsible for arena and arena letter rentals

  8. Report to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis the status of all areas of responsibility and the progress of any committee under his or her supervision. In the event of the Director of Competition's absence, a written report shall be submitted to the President three (3) days before the Board meeting.

  9. Carry out other duties as assigned.

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