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Equine Achievement Submissions Due by 11/15

Score submissions to receive an Equine Achievement Award are due on November 15th to the Vice President.

Fill out the Equine Achievement Award Form  with proof of scores to the UDS (a copy of the online report from or copies of the front pages of the test.  To qualify for the award your horse needs to meet the following requirements:

Equine Achievement Awards:

  1. UDS designed this award to spotlight exceptional equine talent. Equine Achievement Awards are awarded to a particular horse.

  2. There is no time limit for earning qualifying scores. However, because the UDS Equine Achievement Award program began in 2001, only qualifying scores earned during 2001 and later, shall count toward the award.

  3. As defined below, to apply for the equine achievement award, BOTH the horse’s owner and the horse’s rider must be members of UDS at the time the score is earned:

  4. The rider must be a UDS member, having a USDF GMO membership number.

  5. The owner must be a UDS member, having a USDF GMO membership number.

  6. The horse must have a USDF Horse identification (HID) or Lifetime Horse Registration number (LHR).

  7. The horse’s owner will receive, as an award, an engraved plaque for the first UDS Achievement Award the horse earns. An engraved notation will be added to the plaque for each subsequent UDS Equine Achievement Award the horse earns.

  8. A single horse may be awarded only one (1) UDS Equine Achievement Award at each level; however, a horse may be awarded a UDS Equine Achievement Award at every level.

  9. To earn a UDS Equine Achievement Award, the horse must earn five (5) scores at a given level, and each score must be a minimum of: 65% at Training Level; 64% at First Level; 63% at Second Level; 62% at Third Level; 61% at Fourth Level; and 60% at the FEI Levels and Para

  10. Scores must come from USDF/USEF recognized shows.

  11. Short Tour scores do not count towards Equine Achievement Awards.

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