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From the UDS Board

We would like to inform the membership that Ginny Sorenson has resigned as interim president of the Utah Dressage Society Board. We are thankful that Ginny served us so diligently over the last several months. She helped usher in a new era of collaboration, organization and amazing educational opportunities. As work takes her in a different direction, we wish her luck in and out of the show ring this year. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to growing the sport of dressage in the state of Utah.

We are pleased to announce that our current Vice President, John Maznicki, will be stepping in as interim president for the remainder of the term. John brings many years of experience in the dressage community in Utah to the board. His work provides him with a unique perspective that will benefit the entire membership. We are excited to have John come on as our interim president and see the growth that will arise from this.

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