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Meet the Candidate: President

Here is a bit about nominee for President, Lindi Kopecko, DVM.

For the past year, I have served as the UDS secretary. It has been an absolute joy to be part of such an amazing, dedicated, forward thinking group of dressage enthusiasts. While I am sad to see our current president, Stacy, step off of the board, I am very excited at the opportunity to serve as UDS president. Serving as secretary has given me an in depth look at UDS, the team of people that makes up the board, the status of dressage in Utah, and the needs that of both UDS and dressage in Utah for the future. I am excited for this next year and hope to strengthen and grow our Utah dressage community.

I have been riding dressage since I was 8 years old. I am currently riding a 2005 Appaloosa/Holsteiner gelding named “Kuu.” Whether Kuu and I are trail riding, jumping over some cross rails, or in an actual dressage court, we are both always working towards our next trip down center line.

My “day” job is that of a small animal veterinary surgeon. While in the clinic, I work with a team of approximately 15 people. Even though I am the veterinarian, I am only one person on that team and strongly believe that the team and the job we do depends equally on every person on the team.

I know that my immense dedication to dressage and my strong team member capabilities, as well as being organized and forward thinking, will contribute to my success as UDS president. I have a strong desire to help the UDS board remain strong and approachable. I also greatly hope to grow our UDS community and help other horse enthusiasts see that being a UDS member is not a benefit solely reserved for those who only ride dressage.

- Lindi Kopecko, DVM

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