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Meet the candidates! 2022 UDS Board Elections

Introducing your candidates for the 2023-2024 term!


John Maznicki

Hello my name is John Maznicki. I am running for UDS Vice presidency. I have been involved with Utah Dressage for 10+ years competing, breeding, coaching and volunteering. i have come to know many of our local members through the UDS, and look forward to getting to know more of you by adding being on the board as part of my service to the local community. thank you for your time, support and your vote!


Ammie Lords (INCOMBENT)

I have been on the board in competitions for the last three years. I feel that it is important to grow dressage from the ground up and to give opportunities to every rider wanting to compete at all levels of dressage. Without these opportunities for all riders we will not continue to grow and expand dressage in Utah.


Jasmine Beckstead (INCOMBENT)

I am currently your incumbent Director of Communications (2018-2020 & 2022) and am looking forward to serving another term. I am a lifelong horse enthusiast who was lucky enough to grow up riding and started on the dressage trajectory as a Junior rider. The UDS has supported me from the beginning and I am happy to continue to serve on the board now to pay it forward!


Mindy Simmons (INCOMBENT)

I am committed to bring dressage education to Utah for all levels of riders. Dressage is a life long learning experience. Utah has such a dedicated dressage community I want to bring new clinics and experiences to uplift our community.


Cassie Thurgood (INCOMBENT)

I have been serving on the board since August 2022. I have diverse experience in managing business and nonprofit financials as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Community service is very important to me and I wish to continue giving back to the dressage community.


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