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On August 29, 2022, Lindi Kopecki submitted her resignation as President of the UDS Board of Directors.

Lindi has held this position for several years and especially helped the organization to weather some extremely challenging years including the worst times of the COVID pandemic. She has sacrificed a lot personally and professionally to head this all-volunteer organization. She has certainly earned the right to reclaim some balance in work and life…and to continue her horsemanship journey. Thanks to Lindi’s passion for dressage, she is leaving a fully staffed Board of Directors, and UDS will remain in her debt for her contributions.

Following the UDS By Laws and Policies & Procedures, the current Vice President will step in as Interim President until that position comes up for election (2023). In addition, annual elections will resume effective immediately.

Board positions are 2-year terms and the schedule for elections is as follows: (Board members who have been added mid-term are designated as “Interim” Board members)

Terms effective January 1st, Even-Numbered Years:

President, Secretary, Membership, Events

Terms effective January 1st, Odd-Numbered Years:

Vice President, Treasurer, Competitions, Communication, Education

The annual election will be held in October 2022 for the above positions (in bold) whose terms begin in Odd-Numbered years (term to run (2023-2024). There are Interim Board Members in each of these positions and they will be listed as Incumbents on the ballot - with the exception of the Vice President position. The Interim Vice President will move into the Interim President position until October 2023. So that position is vacant/open for the next 2-year term (2023-2024).

More details will be published and sent via email to UDS members. Per the UDS Policies & Procedures, voters and candidates must be on the recognized membership roster by July 1st of the election year (so in this case, by July 1, 2022).

The Nominating Committee will be responsible for helping to manage and guide this process. This Committee will include a Board member and 2 non-Board members - Ginny Sorenson, Jan Lawrence, and Morgen Bastow. Please watch carefully for emails and announcements regarding the 2022 Election - the Board is critical to the furthering of the UDS mission to promote dressage in Utah and the surrounding communities.

Thank you!

UDS Board of Directors

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