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Thank you for a great 2019 Symposium!

Thank you for a great 2019 Symposium!

And another great Winter Symposium is at an end! ❄️⛄️

The UDS Board would like to extend another thanks to all our wonderful presenters ❤️:

Dr. Blair Lybbert of Park City Equine Center >>

Jan Lawrence of Millbrook Farms >>

Allie Wicks of Rose Ranch Horse Riding Stables >>

Jenni Fairweather of Peak Performance Equine >>

Greg Smith of Beeline Horse Transport >>

Lisa Bauman of Austin Eventing >>

Athena of Simply Eden >>

It was a great day of learning up at the beautiful Park City Equine Center. All the presenters were extremely knowledgeable and had enjoyable and interactive presentations! 🎉

We are so grateful to Dr. Blair Lybbert for graciously hosting us again this year!


THANK YOU to our raffle donors!

Athena Steadmane with Simply Eden, Toni Wilson with Sports Message Therapy for Equines & Canines, and Sydni Petersen of Prestige Dressage

Anna Ford - UDS Bridle Bag Samantha Mohlman - UDS Grooming Tote

Olivia Keye - Free Stall @ Short Tour Championship

Lindi Kopecko - Lesson with Sydni Peterson

Mary Smithing - Sports Massage

Jan Sharp - Simply Eden, Equine Mud Cooling Clay

Carol Larson - Simply Eden, Goat Milk Lotion and Tommy Balm Sinus Support

<img src="" alt="55963126_1201051616720705_2544735859085672448_n.jpg" />

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<img src="" alt="55765352_10156114385025592_7542509179378860032_o.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="56314642_10156114384570592_813101639152959488_o.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="56180263_10156114384995592_9194852307253067776_o.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="55869211_10156114384595592_5105443430234849280_o.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="55467861_10156114384975592_1922300771823517696_o.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="56468336_10156114384520592_5959333716667924480_o.jpg" />

<img src="" alt="55658693_10156114384625592_6996018515593396224_o.jpg" />

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