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UDS Board Elections for 2021 Open Positions


Vice President:

The Vice President shall exercise any power or duty of the President in his/her absence and shall carry out such other duties as the President may assign.

Head of committees including nominations/elections, scholarship programs, volunteer of the year, and Jr/YR Sportsmanship award.

Collect and maintain trophies

Secure sponsors


Must demonstrate organizational aptitude

The Secretary shall take accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of all meetings of the members

The Secretary shall maintain the minutes and the permanent records of the UDS (via GOOGLE DRIVE)


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the books of UDS and shall maintain UDS financial records.

Communications Director:

The Director of Communications shall inform UDS members concerning matters of interest to the members. (Newsletter, social media, website)

Education Director:

The Director of Education shall develop programming to meet the needs of the members.

Organize clinics

More details about each board position can be found in the UDS Policies & Procedures (Rules).

Monthly meetings are held remotely; you do not need to travel for meetings!

The members shall elect the officers per the process outlined in the Rules. Officers shall hold office for a term of two (2) years. . Candidates for office must be an ADULT MEMBER as set forth in the UDS By-Laws.

Submit the form below - or - email a Nomination form to

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First Name

Last Name

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Please submit a brief letter of intent *

You could include a brief bio, your connection to the Utah dressage community, applicable previous experience, how you could improve the UDS, etc.

Thank you!

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