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UDS Freestyle Clinic - Saturday, March 26, 2016

Join us for the UDS Freestyle Clinic hosted and presented by Millbrook Farms.  This event is shaping up to be a spectacular event.

The purpose of this clinic is to give anyone the tools needed to develop your own freestyle. We will show you the steps to design and build a DIY musical freestyle.

Go to our the Musical Freestyle clinic page to learn more about this fantastic event, and register today!


8:30 am – Introduction/Schedule for the day 8:40 am – What does good look like?  Video examples and discussion 8:50 am – Review of basic rules of freestyle, a quick review of freestyle score sheets 9:00 am – Do’s and Don’ts of Musical Freestyle 9:15 am – The Great Debate:  Music or Choreography First? 9:30 am – Finding the BPM.  Video examples and practice, introduction to metronomes and phone apps with “tap in” feature

10:00 am – Break

10:15 am – How to choose your music?  Video examples, databases, iTunes, use of vocals, practice finding bpm with a few musical selections 10:45 am – Music editing software, how to use, what it can do to help create freestyles 11:45 am – Creating choreography.

Noon – Working lunch and discussion about music formats, tweaking choreography, practice, tweaking of choreography and music, resources

1 pm – Move to indoor arena for practicum 1:15 pm – Practice tapping out beats per minute with two demonstration riders, one hour for both 2:15 pm – Choosing music, the group will evaluate two demonstration riders who will ride to three or four examples of per-selected music of different genres, approximately 45 minutes per rider 3:45 pm – Close and questions

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