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2020 Board Elections - Meet the candidates!

Better late than never!

If you are a current UDS member watch your email for a ballot from Survey Monkey!

You have until next Thursday, November 20 to place your vote.

Meet your candidates here:

Vice President - Emily Sagers

Emily has served as your membership director and will be moving to the VP position.

Secretary - Marion Wheaton

"My name is Marion Wheaton from Woodland Utah. As a retired Registered Nurse I enjoy working on our ranch with my husband Bob and riding my 4 yr old Andalusian/Mustang cross Atticus aka Andy. I am new to the sport of dressage and the Utah Dressage Society. It would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve as Secretary for the Utah Dressage Society. If elected I look forward to working with the board and membership to further the mission of UDS and promote/support the sport of dressage. Your vote of support will be appreciated. Respectfully, Marion”

Director of Membership - Terrece Pearman

“I am an adult amateur rider and have been a UDS member for over a decade. Some of you may have met me at shows competing my Danish Warmblood gelding, Allende. Last year, I added Quinault Bey (Quinn) to my little herd and hope to compete with him next year. I have served the UDS in past years as the Awards Tabulator and as a volunteer at various UDS recognized shows. I took some time off from my volunteer activities to focus on developing a law practice. This was a significant life change as I went from developing life science technologies in a laboratory to getting patents for the same types of technologies. It’s been an interesting and challenging experience, and I learned a lot along the way. I am now ready to again devote time to the Utah Dressage Society and use the added skills I’ve learned to help our organization. I am married-20 years this month! My husband and I are the parents of two orange tabby cats in addition to my horses. Best regards, Terrece Pearman”

Director of Competitions/Events - Co-Chairs Ammie Lords & Clarissa Taggart

“I am a riding instructor and I teach children the basics of dressage and eventing. I have been riding for 14 years and I am very interested in becoming more involved in the Utah dressage community. I try to volunteer in the English horse community in Utah whenever I can. For example, I try to make it a yearly thing to volunteer at the Event at Skyline. I think that I would be a good fit for this position because I am very good at logistics and organizing people. At the barn I teach at, Southern Belle Riding, I am in charge of organizing and running our barn's home shows. I draw up the schedule for the show, organize ride times, organize and oversee the volunteers, as well as other responsibilities. I hope that you consider me as a good fit for this position.

Clarissa Taggart”

“Riding for over 30 yrs. Competed hunter jumpers until 2009. Had my daughter in 2010 and starting training for Eventing in 2012 where I was introduced to dressage. Shattered my heal in 2014 and took a year off riding healing from two surgeries and an eventual fusion of my heal. In 2015 started riding again and 2017 started focusing more on dressage and less on jumping and Eventing. I still compete in jumping and Eventing but have been drawn to dressage the more I learn. Joined UDS last year and competed in some of the short tours and the recognized shows. I will be working toward my bronze next year.

Ammie Lords”

Director of Communications - Jasmine Beckstead

Jasmine is your Incumbent director.

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