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2021 Year End Banquet - A Note from the President

Hello UDS Members!

It feels refreshing to welcome you to 2022 Utah Dressage Society, but first we would like to finish out the 2021 season.

In following along with USDF, we will not be holding an in person banquet to celebrate the achievements of 2021. As we did receive the year end results fairly late from USDF, we will be rolling out those Year End Awards in the next couple of weeks. You will find that because of the input from you, our members, the calculations of Year End Awards for USDF/USEF/UDS shows remains the same for 2021. For 2022 and moving forward, the Short Tour Series will have its own year end awards separate from the USDF/USEF/UDS shows.

Short Tour Series participants will be receiving their ribbons from the 2021 Championship show in the next couple of weeks.

2022 UDS Plans and Calendar will be coming to you shortly with some exciting events and new scholarship opportunities.

All of us on the UDS Board are looking forward to connecting with all of you in person this year at the various dressage events here in Utah.

Thank you for your continued support of Utah Dressage.

Lindi, your current UDS President

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