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Call for Nominations & Equine Achievement Award Submissions

We are still in need of your nominations for our annual Volunteer of the Year and Junior/Young Rider Sportsmanship awards!

Don’t forget your submissions for Equine Achievement Awards!

Email nominations to by March 5th!

Volunteer of the Year Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize that special individual who has provided outstanding service to UDS. This individual may not be a current UDS Board member. Characteristics to consider in nominating someone for this award are: SERVICE, CITIZENSHIP and LEADERSHIP.

SERVICE — The nominee will be someone who performs acts of service from the most menial to the most important with a giving, selfless spirit.

DEDICATION - The nominee will have contributed at least 50 hours of volunteering at UDS events in the current year.

CITIZENSHIP — The nominee will have a record of commitment to UDS, the horse & dressage community; will be a mentor to others by providing inspiration and encouragement to others to do the same.

LEADERSHIP — The nominee will be someone who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills at the local, state and/or regional level. This individual will show initiative, innovation, and dedication to the advancement of Dressage and UDS.


E-mail the nomination letter to the current Vice-President ASAP!!! The Board of Directors will review each application submitted. The nomination letter should address the following questions:

What makes this nominee extraordinary?

What type of projects has this nominee volunteered for?

How do you feel your nominee has made a unique contribution to dressage?

How has the nominee improved UDS?

The nomination letter should also include:



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Junior/Young Rider Sportsmanship Award

The UDS is pleased to offer the UDS Sportsmanship Award recognizing outstanding sportsmanship amongst UDS Junior and Young Rider members. Anyone may nominate a UDS member for this award. The UDS Sportsmanship committee under the direction of the Vice-President will review all nominations. The Award will be announced at the Annual Banquet.


Nominee must be an active junior-young rider as defined in the UDS rules.

Nominee is a UDS member in good standing.

Competes at UDS recognized shows

Serves as a positive role model for peers

Exhibits characteristics that exemplify positive sportsmanship principles

When nominating an individual for this award, please consider these traits that the UDS Sportsmanship committee believes define good sportsmanship:

Good Judgment is choosing worthy goals; setting priorities in accordance with team, regional, national and international rules; leading others to follow these rules.

Integrity is having the inner strength to be fair and courteous during athletic events, to play according to the rules, acting positively and honorably not only to your team, but to your opponent.

Kindness is being considerate, courteous and generous in spirit to the opponent; showing care, compassion and friendship in victory or defeat; treating others as you would like to be treated.

Perseverance is being persistent in pursuit of worthy objectives in spite of opposition, difficulty, injuries, handicaps or discouragement, and exhibiting patience and the fortitude to try again when confronted with mistakes or failures.

Respect is showing high regard for coaches, officials, opponents, fans, administrators, self, team, horses and the region you are representing.

Responsibility is being dependable in carrying out obligations and duties, showing reliability and consistency in words and conduct, and being accountable.

Self-discipline is demonstrating hard work and commitment to purpose, regulating yourself for improvement and refraining from inappropriate behaviors, maintaining self-control at all times, and doing your best in all situations.

Please include the information below in your cover sheet

Date & Name of person nominating:


Phone #s:



Name of individual being nominated:


Phone #s:




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