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Equine Achievement Award

The deadline to submit nominations for your horse is November 15th!

Celebrate your equine partner’s success in the show ring!

UDS designed this award to spotlight exceptional equine talent. Equine Achievement Awards are awarded to a particular horse.

The horse’s owner will receive, as an award, an engraved plaque for the first UDS Achievement Award the horse earns. An engraved notation will be added to the plaque for each subsequent UDS Equine Achievement Award the horse earns.

A single horse may be awarded only one (1) UDS Equine Achievement Award at each level; however, a horse may be awarded a UDS Equine Achievement Award at every level. (Scores do not need to be earned with the same rider)

There is no time limit for earning qualifying scores. However, because the UDS Equine Achievement Award program began in 2001, only qualifying scores earned during 2001 and later, shall count toward the award.

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