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Important UDS News

Important News from our Director of Communications: UDS Shows Need Change of Venue

Due to the county fair needing to change their date in order to secure their carnival, we have decided to cancel our contract with the South Jordan Equestrian Center.  We do not wish to have our show at the same time and place as the fair and carnival!   We are currently taking bids on a new venue.   If you know of a suitable venue or would like to bid for our Short Tour Championship Show and Annual Dressage Days show (Aug 19-21), contact contact Niki Thomas (at by January 31st.

Back to the Old Style Omnibus

We have had questions regarding the 2016 Omnibus that I hope to clear up.  Last year the Board decided to try to phase out the printed Omnibus and go to an all electronic version to address many concerns:  to save on the large workload involved in printing a color version; save on the time to secure advertising; adapt Omnibus to current smartphone technologies; save on printing costs.  However, many members complained and expressed that they missed the old hardcopy Omnibus format.

Even though Niki did not become the Competitions Director until the January meeting, Stacey took it upon herself to work on a colorful printed Omnibus option.  The digital version will be available to all members as part of their dues.  All those who wish to receive a shiny, colorful, professionally printed and bound Omnibus (as in year’s past) can pay $10.00 to offset the printing costs.  To order visit the UDS website at:

The Winter Symposium

Reminder:  Don’t forget to register for the UDS Winter Symposium on February 27.  See the Newsletter or the website for all the information.  To register go to:

Musical Freestyle Clinic Registration

The Freestyle Clinic will be here before you know it!  You can register online for the March 26 Freestyle Clinic at:

Warning - Renew UDS Membership

Renew UDS Membership now or miss out on future Newsletters and information.  Renew online at:

Shows Added to the Schedule

It came to my attention after the Newsletter went out that we have three more Recognized shows to add to our schedule:

May 21-22                     Idaho Dressage Festival (R)                              Nampa, Idaho

June 11-12                    C&M Summer Dressage Show (R)                     Pocatello, Idaho

June 24-25                    Showing on a Shoestring (R)                              Hilltop Dressage

See the full list of shows at:  2016 Shows

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