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Meet the Candidate: Education Director

Here is a bit about nominee for Education Director Mary Smithing:

I am a new member of the Utah Dressage Society this year, and while I was not as active as I would have liked to be this past year, I would like the opportunity to become more involved with the organization. While I have never organized clinics I have held positions in other organizations like my collegiate equestrian team where I organized the trips to horse shows for the team and helped put on our own college horse show. I have also held board positions is other college organizations I belonged to like Alpha Chi Omega and Association of Computing Machines. I believe I could be a good Education Director because I am organized and can complete tasks in a timely manner. I also have plenty of time to give to the position because I only have dog and horse children, and have a flexible day job.

Thank you for your consideration.

- Mary Smithing

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