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Thank you Volunteers!

In 2021 shows and clinics resumed in Utah after a hiatus in 2020. It was so refreshing to see riders, horses, trainers, and supporters in person and out testing their horsemanship and/or competing.

What is well known in our horse community, is that it takes many, many volunteers to support the activities and events that are held. In past years, one volunteer of the year has been recognized. This year, we want to acknowledge and recognize all of the volunteers who have worked tirelessly at shows and clinics. Without volunteers, we would not be able to further the development of our sport.

UDS asks members to submit volunteer hours - in some cases, this is a requirement for awards and scholarships. But, we know that many hours are unreported and we want to express our gratitude to everyone for the dedication and support of dressage in Utah.

Listed below are members who have reported hours for 2021. In the future, please submit hours for the calendar year so we can properly recognize your efforts. "We know there are countless hours of volunteers who make UDS succeed, so if your name is not listed here, please know that we appreciate your time and effort.

Ashley Adams, Breanne Amsler, Lori Barrett, Kim Davis, Dana Denison, Rachel Ebbens, Charell Garcia, Rebecca Harmon, Jim Hicks, John Maznicki, Ariana Money, Gillian Neubert, Sydni Nusink, Alexandria Perry, Dana Prior, Sandra Rivero, Marisa Robbins, Lexi Rohner, Ginny Sorenson, Charlotte Strong-McDonald, Mireya Thurman, Bethany Welhelmsen, Cindy Yager, and more!

Thank you!!!

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